Auntie who fainted after tumbling into canal looking for samaritan who called ambulance

An elderly woman is looking for the person who called for an ambulance after she lost consciousness falling down a 2m-deep canal along Jervois Road in River Valley at 8.30pm on May 1.

Madam Zhang Lili, 69, was heading home on a taxi from Sentosa and had just alighted the cab when she slipped and fell into the canal.

She then lost consciousness, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

Madam Zhang said that she woke up the following day (May 2) on a hospital bed.

She attributed her fall to a lack of sleep and the dim lightings along the road which made it hard to see the canal.

She said that it was fortunate that she did not suffer major injuries, adding:

“It feels really good to be able to wake up.

“I want to thank the kind soul for his help.”

Madam Zhang told reporters that she was positive that someone had helped her, but she does not know who this person is.

She hopes to find the person via the media to express her gratitude.

Madam Zhang quipped:

“I now pray for his well being every day. 

"I hope to find this kind person so I can express my thanks personally.”