Auntie helps herself to 'free' herbs outside Little India hostel, uproots Thai basil

Submitted by Stomper Chris

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Most people head to the market for herbs and vegetables, but not this elderly woman who simply helped herself to the plants outside a backpackers hostel in Little India.

Stomper Chris said that plants outside the hostel, located at 6 Perak Road, had gone missing "quite a number of times".

Chris, who works at the hostel, told Stomp: "Plants and herbs just went missing mysteriously.

"We then had a CCTV camera installed. Turns out than an auntie had been helping herself to free herbs and plants from our place."

The straw that broke the camel's back was when the auntie was caught on camera uprooting a Thai basil plant on the morning of July 10.

Chris, who submitted a video of the incident, added: "This was the worst as she simply uprooted the plant and left."

The Stomper did not make a police report, but said: "We placed a notice outside, asking her to surrender herself to us as I've seen her walking past our place a few times before.

"There have been no more plants missing since July 10."

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