Auntie exits minibus to nag at car driver for stopping at drop-off point to let wife and sick baby alight

Submitted by Stomper Jayden

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A minibus driver yelled at a man who was dropping his wife and sick baby off via the drop-off point at Block 293 Bukit Batok Street 21 on Oct 12.

The video captured by the in-car camera of the man was posted by Facebook page SG Road Vigilante, and was shared with us by Stomper Jayden.

Jayden shared with Stomp: "I was happy to come across this video. I always wondered how long you can wait in those areas. It never occurred to me to look at the double yellow lines."

There is no parking allowed at areas with the double yellow lines.

There is text in the video which seems to be sent by the car driver.

He explains that the minibus driver was impatient while he was dropping off his wife and sick baby.

His wife's hands were full and he had to help his sick baby walk, so he alighted from his car to assist her.

He said the minibus driver then came out of her car and took pictures, while accusing him of parking there for a few minutes. 

The video continues with the minibus arriving at 12.31pm. 

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A woman and two children approach the van and one of the kids enters the vehicle.

About 43 seconds later, the driver of the minibus exits the vehicle with her phone in hand.

She seems to be recording a video or taking pictures of the car driver while scolding him.

She gestured violently with her hands and the car driver gestures back.

At 12.32pm she gets back into her van.

The video ends there. 

The text in the video states that these places are bound by traffic rules and they are not "like your kitchen", before highlighting the double yellow lines on both sides of the driveway there.

It states: "The Highway Code says no one can park a vehicle here, except for immediate picking up and letting down of passenger (Rule 91(h)).

"Your act of leaving your car seat to assist for about 53 seconds was considered an act of immediate alighting of your passengers.

"Had you gone for a swim at the pool during this time period, then you would have committed a traffic offence."

When Jayden was telling Stomp about this comment, he laughed and said: "Finally a mystery solved! The swimming pool comment made me laugh."