Audi driver who took joyride with 2 women sitting on bonnet gets fine, 6 demerit points

Submitted by Stomper Lee, Anonymous

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A 32-year-old driver was fined $200 and given six demerit points for driving with two women sitting on the car bonnet at Ellington Square.

The incident, which happened on Saturday (Nov 14), was captured on video and has since been viewed on Facebook over 50,000 times.

In the video, two women can be seen holding onto the side mirrors as the Audi driver takes a joyride down the street.

Both women are screaming and one woman even shakes her head at the cameraman.

Many netizens who viewed the video shared similar sentiments and disapproved of these actions.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that the 32-year-old driver has been fined $200 and given six demerit points for the offence of Conveying passengers in a Dangerous Manner under rule 101(1) of the Road Traffic (Motor vehicle, Construction and Use) Rules.