Audi driver tailgates motorist to avoid paying parking fee for second time in 2 weeks

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Stomper is frustrated with an Audi driver who has tailgated his car not once but twice in two weeks to avoid paying his carpark fee.

The latest incident happened today (Aug 28) at 6.50am at a Housing & Development Board (HDB ) carpark in Ang Mo Kio.

"The first time was on Aug 14 at around the same time," said the Stomper.

In a video of the recent incident, the driver of the Audi with licence plate number SGX26S is seen driving extremely close to the Stomper's car before passing through the gantry.

Once he has cleared it, he maintains a safe a distance.

"He was driving so close that he nearly hit me," said the Stomper.

"My child was in the car and could have suffered whiplash."

"This guy is risking a young child's life just to save a few dollars."

He added that he reported the matter to the police and to the HDB shortly after the first incident.

Watch the videos of the Audi tailgating the Stomper on Aug 28 followed by the incident on Aug 14 below.