Audi driver hits Volkswagen then backs out of private settlement after receiving $5k bill

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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An Audi driver rear-ended a Volkswagen at Marina Bay Sands carpark on Jan 31.

Although both drivers agreed to settle the matter privately, things changed after the Volkwagen driver sent the Audi driver a bill for the damages that amounted to $5,128.38.

The Stomper shared with Stomp a video showing the Audi hitting the rear of her Volkswagen Golf.

She also shared photos showing the damage done to her vehicle.

She said: "The driver agreed to go for private settlement but backed out once the quotation was sent to him.

"He suggested to claim his insurance and did not file an accident report until now and went MIA."

In screenshots of correspondence with the other driver via text, the Audi driver tells the Stomper to get her car repaired and to send him the bill when it's done.

He advises her not to go to Volkswagen to repair the car as it will "cost a bomb" and suggests she visit his preferred workshop to carry out the repairs.

However, the Stomper was more comfortable going to Volkswagen to get the repairs done.

When the Audi driver sees the bill on Feb 3, he then says to "just claim insurance".

He writes: "$5k for your 1.0 Golf doesn't make sense."

After the Stomper tells the driver to report the accident to his insurance company, he leaves the group chat.

On Feb 9, the Audi driver tells the Stomper he filed a police report because she was "scamming her insurance."

The Stomper then hits back and says he 'broke his promise' after agreeing to settle the matter privately.

She adds the quote is from Volkswagen's official service centre and is not a scam.

The Audi driver calls the repair cost a "bogus sum" and said he did not agree to pay that.

When the Stomper accuses him of not filing a report with his insurance company because she had not heard anything, he said: "Just wait for my letter."

When the Stomper insists on private settlement again he says: "$5k for a dent and a scratch [is] not worth."

"Like I offered, come my workshop, I'll pay for it.

"You expect me to pay $5k for [something] that can be done with $2k not acceptable."

The Stomper responds: "You collided with my car still ask me go your workshop? I'm the victim and I can't get to choose?"

In the end, the Stomper tells him she has also filed a police report regarding the matter.

On Feb 11, the Stomper updated Stomp and said the other driver's insurance had assessed the damage. The total damages had been revised to $4,568.23.

In a Facebook post, the Audi driver accused the Stomper of "spamming and harassing" him.

The Stomper said: "It is my property and it is my right to go back to the dealership I bought my car from.

"Regardless if it's a Golf 1.0, 1.4, 2.0, an ACCIDENT means it's an ACCIDENT.

"It is his own negligence hitting my car.

"He never responded properly and promptly therefore I panicked and was rushing him constantly.

"Who won't be frustrated in such a situation where their property got damaged?

"Basically, he left the group chat on Feb 3 until he saw the video of the accident circulating online and dropped me a WhatsApp on Feb 9. 

"So he actually MIA from Feb 3 to 8.

"Volkswagen has been notified about him posting about them, indirectly saying they are the scammer because they came up with the quotation."