Audi driver cuts into Stomper's lane without signalling and plays braking game before speeding off

Submitted by Stomper Mike

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Stomper Mike was driving home on Wednesday (July 10) at about 7.20pm when an Audi driver cut into his lane and subsequently played the braking game with him before speeding off.  

He shared a video with Stomp showing him driving on the middle lane and the Audi vehicle from the left easing itself into his lane without any signals.

Mike said to Stomp: "The vehicle in front of me was driving slowly. I was behind him all the way and I slowed down when this car entered my lane without signalling.

"He kept stepping on the brakes like he was trying to make me hit his car's rear."

Mike said that the Audi driver slowed down a lot when both of them exited the BKE to get onto Kranji Expressway (KJE).

He told Stomp: "When the Audi was on KJE, he cut across multiple lanes to get onto the rightmost lane and sped off.

"I'm just worried that his driving could cause an accident with other vehicles on the road."