'Atas' Chinese girl accused of cutting queue throws money at woman, gets 'treated' to vegetables

A video of a dispute between a middle-aged woman and a young lady at a renowned roasted chestnut stall in Guangzhou has been circulating online. 

The argument was reportedly sparked by the young lady cutting queue, reports World of Buzz

Offended by with the young lady's arrogant, supercilious ways, the older woman confronted her. 

In the video, the older woman could be heard asking the lady why she was cutting queue.

Instead of being ashamed, the young lady, who was carrying a branded bag, retorted:

“If you spoil my Hermès  bag, can you afford to pay for it?”

The woman, unimpressed, replied:

“So just because you have a Hermès bag, you don’t have a sense of shame?”

Realising that the woman would not back down, the young lady said that she cut the queue as she was in a rush for time.

The  angry woman continued chiding her, asking her why she couldn’t queue like everyone else:

“Everyone look at this young lady here.

“She has no manners.

“So many people around here queuing but she doesn’t know how to queue.”

The young lady then reached into her bag and retrieved a pink purse. 

As she took out a stack of cash from the purse, she told the woman:

“You just want money, right?

“Here, I got a lot.”

With that, she threw the stack at the woman’s face. 

This enraged the woman even further.

Producing a bunch of onions and celery, the woman started beating the young lady with the vegetables, as the latter raised her hands to protect herself from the furry of blows.

She then threw her bag at the woman, as several passersby separated the two.

The video drew many comments from netizens, many of whom praised the older woman for standing up to the tyrannical young lady.

Others were quick to denounce the entire incident as a marketing gimmick for the stall.

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