Arrested: Malaysian man allegedly tries to kidnap 7-year-old girl after molesting her

A Facebook user, Noh Koris, recently shared videos of a man who had been caught allegedly molesting and then trying to kidnap a seven-year-old girl in Malaysia. 

According to Noh Koris, the incident reportedly happened near the Cheras Ria apartments in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 23, at around 1.45pm. 

In one of the videos, the suspect was accused to having molested a girl while riding a red Honda EX5 motorcycle. 

A man holding a stick could be seen in the second video, interrogating the suspect.

At a point, he raised the stick above his head, seemingly ready to hit him, although he stopped to listen to the girl. 

Noh Koris also emphasised that the suspect was not a resident of the apartment, reports The Coverage

In another video, police officers could be seen at the scene. 

According to the New Straits Times, the man was arrested for the alleged offences. 

Another netizen commented on Noh Koris’s post, adding that the man in the video had violated his neighbour’s child and the family had lodged a police report.

However other netizens criticised the brutality of the resident’s behaviour. 

Said one Facebook user:

“The police have already arrived, so why threaten to hit him?”

City police Criminal Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner Rusdi Mohd Isa said the offence was believed to have taken place in a lift of the Cheras Ria Apartment.

Rusdi also added that the girl's father had lodged a police report, saying:

"He (the suspect) has been remanded seven days to facilitate investigations."