Arrested: Malaysian man allegedly grabs woman's backside, flees and returns to hug her

A Malaysian man allegedly groped a woman's backside, fled — before returning to hug her.

The incident which happened at the AEON Cheras Selatan Store & Shopping Centre in Selangor, Malaysian, was shared by the victim, Facebook user Priscilia Gallyot on her account. 

Wrote Priscilia: "Today, I went to the AEON in Balakong but I realised later I had left my bag in the car. 

"So I went back to the car to take it when I noticed a guy acting suspiciously and following me.  So, I stopped and asked him, ‘What do you want?’ 

"That’s when he ran forward and grabbed my butt.

"Shocked, I quickly ran away while screaming for help and called my boyfriend to come and rescue me. 

"I thought I had lost him but when I looked behind the pervert was standing behind me and he wanted to hug me but could not do so.

"He looks so decent and meek, so I never expected any of this from him.

"When the police officers asked him why he wanted to molest girls, he said he didn’t know why either.

"Please be careful and stay vigilant, girls!"

In her post, the victim also recounted that the man had even grabbed her jacket to stop her from getting away, reports World of Buzz

Fortunately, she managed to break free and ran towards her boyfriend. 

Her boyfriend told her that a friend had the same encounter at the mall too. 

After the incident, the two lodged a police reports and the man was arrested.