Woman bleeds from face after getting assaulted and burnt by cigarette in JB KTV lounge

Stomper Liong alerted Stomp to a video circulating online showing a woman getting abused by a female assailant at a karaoke lounge believed to be in Johor Bahru.

In the video posted on Moretify, the assailant dressed in red can first be seen smoking and squatting in front of her victim who was kneeling on the floor. 

The assailant proceeded to slap her on the face twice before putting a bucket over the her head. 

After the bucket was removed, the victim was then burnt on her forehead with the cigarette her assailant was smoking.

Two photographs were shown at the end of the video.

One showed blood streaming down the victim's face while the other showed her kneeling on the floor topless.

It is unclear when this took place or what happened following the incident.

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