Viral photos of Thai cabby getting grabby with female passenger lead to his suspension, fine

27 June, 2016

A taxi driver in Bangkok has been fined and suspended after photos of him inappropriately touching a female customer were shared online last week.

According to Bangkok Post, Somchai Simli is believed to have admitted to verbally and sexually harassing the woman in his cab.

Photos shared by the passenger on Facebook show the driver reaching over to touch her legs when she was seated behind. Bangkok Post reported that the woman had entered the taxi with a friend on June 22.

After her friend got off at the first destination, Somchai allegedly chatted with the woman before verbally abusing her and reaching out to touch her.

An investigation, launched after the photos went viral, found that his driving licence had expired on August 21, 2015.

Local media reported on Friday (June 24) that Somchai has since been given a six-month suspension, and fined 5,000 baht (S$192).

He is also being investigated for suspected drug use.

Baworn Taxi Cooperative, which owns the vehicle, will reportedly be fined for allowing the car to be used without registration papers, and for failing to report the driver's information to Thai authorities.


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