Chinese locals use ropes and nets to save soldier from being swept away by floodwaters

Several people have died and millions have evacuated after China was recently hit by a bout of catastrophic flooding due to torrential rain.

In Huaihua city in Hunan province, a grop of local residents came together to help save a soldier who had been swept away by a flood.

According to Shanghaiist, the soldier had been floating down the river for about 2 kilometres but fortunately, residents in the area were alerted to the situation and volunteered to come to the rescue.

Some constructed nets and ropes for the soldier to grab onto as he passed under the bridge.

A video shows the rescue attempt but netizens were worried that the soldier did not make it.

Police later confirmed that due to the strong current, the locals had been unable to rescue the soldier but he was saved further downstream.

Watch the video below.

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