Chinese firm sticks condoms on women's faces in 'retarded' publicity stunt

Saturday, Jun 25, 2016

Earlier this month, a group of women stunned commuters in Beijing when they travelled on the subway during rush hour with condoms stuck to their faces.

Social media users snapped photos of the sexily dressed women, taking the subway with condoms plastered on their forehead, arm and chest areas.

It turns out the incident was a marketing gimmick for Chinese condom maker Da Xiang, reported Mashable.

The Chinese company posted images of the women on the subway on its Weibo account on June 6.

According to Mashable, the women had unwrapped the condoms on the train and "applied" the items to their faces and chest area, as though they were face masks.

Da Xiang claims that the lubricant in its condoms are good for the skin, reported Mashable.

The women then got off the train and held up placards that read "Da Xiang face masks".

The publicity stunt has received brickbats from social media users in China, who thought it was crass.

"Damn retarded," commented one Weibo user in Chinese.

"This is really some bad marketing," remarked another.

"People these days will do anything for money," said yet another Weibo user, referring to the female models who participated in the stunt.


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