Chilling video shows just how easy it is to conceal an assault rifle

People were bewildered by the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida -- how did the culprit make it past bouncers with his huge rifle? 

Stomper Sarah alerted Stomp to this chilling video uploaded by Facebook user Rob Buck.

The Orlando shooting which killed 43 and injured 53 others at nightclub Pulse on Sunday (June 12) was speculated to be 'fake' or staged' by some.

A very big question on on everyone's minds, how in the world did he hide his weapon?

Here is the answer. 

Rob shows just how easy it is to conceal it on your body. 

The weapons in the video are similar to the ones used by Omar Mateen, who used a Sig Sauer MCX and a pistol.

According to Complex, Mateen purchased the weapon legally in Florida. As a security guard, he was licensed to carry a concealed weapon in the state. 

And here is how he 'concealed' it.

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