Armed robbers strike jewellery store in Malaysian shopping mall

Submitted by Stomper Douglas

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A group of armed robbers in motorcycle helmets struck at jewellery store at a shopping mall in Selangor, Malaysia on Friday (Sep 1).

Stomper Douglas alerted Stomp to a video of the incident that has since gone viral.

The robbery happened in full view of shoppers and one woman filmed it despite being obviously shaken.

One of the men is seen smashing a display case with a hammer while the others scoop up the jewellery with their hands.

A woman is heard telling someone to call the police while another says, "Oh my God, my hands are shaking. Does he have a gun?"

A local police spokesman told The Star that two customers and four sales assistants were inside the jewellery shop when the incident happened.

"One of the suspects also shot at the ceiling but thankfully, no one was injured," he said. 

"They came in three motorcycles but only three of them were said to have entered the jewellery shop with hammers and a gun," he said, adding that the robbers got away with the loot.

The police are now looking for the six suspects and investigations are ongoing.

Watch the video below.