Are you smarter than a Primary 1 student?

Think you are smart?

Here's a question to get your brain juices flowing.

A question that is said to be taken from a "Hong Kong Primary 1 entry test" has been circulating online, getting netizens to simulate their minds.

Facebook page All Singapore Stuff reposted a photo of the question on Sep 30 shared by a contributor named Loh.

The question is as follows:

"A rich man needs ____. A poor man has ____. If you eat ____ you die and when you die you can take ____ with you!"

"One word fits all 4 blank spaces! It is a seven letter word. What is it?"

It seems that several local netizens are smarter than a Primary 1 student and had no problems filling in the blanks.

However, it could also be because this is an "old question" that has recently resurfaced.

Click through the gallery above to find out if you got it right!

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