Are we still complacent about security in Singapore?

Submitted by Stomper Peter

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Stomper Peter was concerned to see a food box at the carpark of Waterway Point in Punggol last Friday morning (Aug 4), which was left unattended for some time.

He feels that this suggests complacency when it comes to security in Singapore and that it is often taken for granted.

Peter recounted the events of that day:

"Initially, I wasn’t bothered by it. But after my run, which was 40 minutes later, I went back to my car to collect my personal effects and saw the unattended item still at where it was earlier.

"I began to worry. I wondered whether to alert the mall's security personnel to the matter. I took a picture and raised the matter with a security personnel.

"His response didn’t impress me, as he appeared lethargic and unconcerned even after I briefed him about what happened and showed him the picture. He just walked away from me towards the carpark without a word.

"I didn't follow him. I suspect he was walking to the carpark to check out the box. He would probably open it up and see. But as I observed, he wasn't communicating with anyone on his walkie-talkie!

"Now, I’m concerned about the incident because I attended the SG Secure Seminar recently and was warned repeatedly not to tamper or open a suspicious item or object that was left unattended.

"For all you know, if it had been a real threat, you might detonate a bomb by tampering or opening the unattended bag or item. I’m also disturbed by the security personnel’s response to my report.

"Again, at the SG Security Seminar, we were repeatedly told: 'See something, say something!'

"Time and time again, much public education has been done to alert Singaporeans about the need to stay vigilant and to report any suspicious persons or objects, and/or unattended items.

"The incident left me fearing this: What would be the impact if the security personnel of a mall or any person in charge of security of a compound take reports of such incidents lightly? Would it not make Singaporeans continue to be complacent and have a false sense of security?"

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