Are these cars legally parked?

Submitted by Stomper Gant

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Legal or not, he thinks they are an eyesore.

Stomper Gant saw two cars parked halfway out of the gate of a landed property and on the public walkway at Jalan Meragi in Simei.

He saw another car all wrapped up and parked outside a landed property at Jalan Sotong near East Coast Road.

The Stomper shared photos of these motor vehicles and asked: "Is this a legal way to park cars on a public road?"

In the Jalan Meragi photo, a single white line can be seen in the middle of the road, meaning no parking is allowed on either side of the road at all times.

But that may not apply to the two cars since it may be argued that they were not technically parked on the side of the road, unlike the other cars in the picture, which were clearly illegally parked.

However, parking on a footpath is also not permitted.

As for the covered car at Jalan Sotong, Google Maps reveal that the road has double yellow lines, which also means no parking at all times.

But it may be argued that the car was parked on the part of the road where there are no yellow lines.

However, it was also blocking a public footpath.

Should such indiscriminate parking be allowed?

The Stomper said: "I think the cars should be parked properly in each of their respective car porches. It’s an eyesore to the residents and public in general."

In response to a Straits Times forum letter about "private estate residents treating roads as private parking space", the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in December last year: "In private estates, residents and their visitors are encouraged to park their vehicles within their residential compound.

"As roads can be narrow in these areas, we seek residents' cooperation to be considerate and to practise good parking etiquette.

"Indiscriminately parked vehicles can impede the access of emergency vehicles during emergencies and cause obstruction to other road users.

"Therefore, LTA takes a serious view of this and we will take action against offenders...

"Members of the public can report illegal parking via the OneService application or call the LTA hotline at 1800-338-6622. We will look into each issue expeditiously."

In June, a TikTok user posted a video showing LTA vehicle enforcement officers doing their job in a Sembawang private estate where cars were illegally parked on both sides of the road with a single white line. 

The TikToker wrote in the description: "The whole neighbourhood wasn’t happy because LTA asked all of us to park somewhere else… BUT WHERE?!?"