"Appearance" of red car on pavement along Beach Rd reminds Stomper of mobile game

Submitted by Stomper Mr Smile

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A red car was found parked on the pavement outside The Concourse along Beach Road this afternoon (Sep 14). 

Stomper Mr Smile was going for lunch at 12.40pm when he spotted the stationary car from a link bridge nearby. 

At this moment he was reminded of a trending mobile game.

Mr Smile said: "Have you heard of PUBG? It's a game, where vehicles are hard to come by. But when a vehicle comes by, it 'appears' in weird places like the photos I had sent you. I thought the game I played was coming to life."

When he came back from lunch at about 1.20pm, the car was no longer there. 

"Truthfully, it's inconsiderate, impractical, and a nuisance but at the same time hilarious. Maybe the person was rushing for nature's call, we don't know. But it's dangerous as that area is meant for people walking."

(view The Concourse on Beach Road in 360° below)