Appeal for witnesses: Tipper truck driver goes MIA after hitting rented car at Whitley Road

Stomper Yeo is appealing for witnesses to an accident that happened at Whitley Road at 4.30pm yesterday (Dec 12).

The Stomper was driving a rented car along that road, near the junction of Bukit Timah Road, towards Adam Road.

He was in the right-most lane with two to three cars ahead of him, waiting for the lights to turn green.

When the traffic lights did turn green, Yeo was about to make a right-turn when a tipper truck hit his rented car and damaged the front bumper.

The Stomper waved at the tipper truck driver, who pointed to the front of Bukit Timah Road.

"I assumed he signalled to move over there and settle the issue," added Yeo. 

"However, as his car turned into Bukit Timah Road, the traffic light turned red and I had to wait for the next green light.

"But by the time I turned into Bukit Timah Road, he was nowhere to be found!

"As this is my first car accident, I was quite shocked and focused on the driver, failing to get the full licence plate.

"I only know part of the number is 7983 M but did not get the front alphabets.

"My car is rented and the car rental company told me because of that, I got to pay the excess.

"Not only for my car damage, but also the excess for third party in case a claim is made against me.

"What justice is this? Who is the victim here? The tipper truck me hit and ran off, but I got to bear all consequences?

"Even the police officers I made a report to told me they may not be able to find the culprit because I did not get the full license plate number. 

"And the Investigation Officer will only call me in about one to two weeks. I worry if they do keep their traffic camera records for this long?

"Therefore, I now sincerely appeal to any good soul out there.

"If you have witnessed this accident, or if you have any device that captured the shot or video of this accident, please kindly help me with the full licence numbers.

"I really need your help, please!"

If you have any information, photos or videos about this accident, please contact Stomp via email ( or WhatsApp (9384 3761).