'Appalling' streaming issues during Liverpool-Crystal Palace match, StarHub apologises

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StarHub apologised for the live streaming issues during the telecast of Liverpool-Crystal Palace football match at the National Stadium on Friday (July 15).

A Stomper shared a video of the picture freezing during the match.

He said about the video: "Note: My TV and phone were working, and you aren't watching a screenshot. And my arms got a bit tired.

"This was the Liverpool friendly shown. It was damn laggy on the TV box. Sometimes the quality even dropped to watching square pixels. I'm already missing Singtel. Sigh. Appalling that we have to go through this in the year 2022. Reminds me of 1995 when downloading a picture took 5 minutes."

The Stomper was not the only one who experienced problems. Others also complained about the streaming issues to StarHub online.

In one of its replies, StarHub said: "We're sorry if you're experiencing issues with your service. Please know that it wasn't our intention to make things difficult for you, as we want to keep your StarHub experience as pleasant as possible."

In response to a Stomp query, StarHub said: "We are aware that a handful of customers have experienced a slight lag while streaming the Standard Chartered 2022 Trophy at the beginning of the match on our platform. The issue has since been resolved. We thank customers for their feedback."