Another road rage case involving rider, swerving lorry and broken side mirror -- this time at East Coast Rd

Another road rage incident involving a lorry occurred along East Coast Road in Katong, two weeks after a lorry driver and cyclist were arrested over an altercation in Pasir Ris that went viral.

In the latest incident, that was posted on's Facebook page, the other party is a motorcyclist.

According to the video's time stamp, the dispute happened at around 1.40pm on Dec 31, 2018.

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The footage was taken from the dashboard camera of a vehicle passing by a lorry that was stationary by the side of the road. Apparently, the altercation had happened prior to the recording.

In the video, the lorry's open side door is suddenly slammed shut by a motorcyclist wearing black.

Another rider, who appears to be wearing a Deliveroo T-shirt, tries to calm the guy in black down.

When the footage switches to the vehicle's rear camera, the first motorcyclist is seen making a high kick and breaking the lorry's side mirror.

The lorry driver then suddenly accelerates towards the riders who are forced to run out of the way.

The driver then swerves in the direction of the first motorcyclist, narrowly missing him and a motorcycle that has a Foodpanda delivery bag attached to it.

However, his vehicle knocks over another motorcycle parked in front of it before coming to a stop.

It is unclear what sparked the dispute but several netizens have pointed out the similarity between the two road rage incidents.