Another kind Porsche driver absorbs repair costs after accident with deaf Grab driver

Another Porsche driver is earning praise for absorbing repair costs after getting involved in an accident with a deaf Grab driver.

Facebook user Muhsin Johari shared what happened to his friend, the deaf Grab driver.

The private-hire driver had accidentally knocked into a red Porsche, causing the other vehicle to need paintwork and repair for scratches.

"He honestly admitted his fault and apologised to the lady driver," said Muhsin.

"He was very worried and stressed [because] of this bad period due to Covid-19 and low earnings, not only this, he just left his company to be a full-time private-hire driver last December."

He shared the WhatsApp conversation his friend and the Porsche driver which showed her understanding and kindness in absorbing the $250 repair costs.

"She decided not to report for insurance and instead requested for exchange in goodwill without asking him to pay in cash," said Muhsin.

"It touched our hearts."

The woman named Wendy simply asked Muhsin's friend to drive her daughter for her enrichment class to which the Grab driver happily agreed.

Muhsin wrote: "Indeed [in] these trying times, we all need some extra kindness to keep us going.

"Our empathy will touch the lives of others too."

This is not the first Porsche driver to earn the respect of netizens lately.

Stomp earlier reported on another understanding Porsche driver who accepted just $1 compensation from a cabby who scratched his Porsche.