Another hero abang stops on PIE to give ride to 80-year-old uncle who lost his way

Netizens are commending the kindness of a rider who stopped to help an 80-year-old man who had lost his way at Jurong East on Jul 10.

Jalil Ramla had left work near midnight that day and was turning onto the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) when he saw an orange figure.

"All the vehicles passed by without stopping and when I took a closer look, it was actually this 80-year-old uncle," wrote Jalil in a Facebook post.

He stopped to ask the uncle where he is going to which the elderly man expressed confusion saying he did not know where he was and forgot his home address.

"My heart broke," said Jalil.

"He was in the middle of an expressway, alone with slippers on. He walked all the way from God knows where."

Jalil asked the uncle for his wallet and thankfully found his address inside.

He believes that he was meant to help the uncle as events lined up perfectly for him, such as staying at work later than usual and having an extra helmet with him.

Jalil told Stomp that he offered the uncle a ride to Bukit Batok and flagged down a taxi for him to take to his home.

He added: 

"If any bikers and drivers see this post, please do help those in need. It's never a coincidence."

Netizens commended him and thanked him for stopping to help the uncle when no one else would.

"Thank you for your good heart," wrote Alysha Lorico.

"Thank you for being kind. We need to have more people like you," echoed Darren Ng.