Another 'graveyard' of bicycles found at Telok Blangah Drive

Submitted by Stomper ML

Stomper ML's friend came across many public bikes which were strewn across over a grass patch at the foot of Block 49, Telok Blangah Drive yesterday (Jan 6) at around 10am. 

He took some photos of the scene and ML subsequently submitted these photos to Stomp on behalf of his friend.

Instead of parked being at designated bike parking spaces, the oBikes, ofo bikes and Mobikes were found lying around on the grass patch.

Stomp understands that each of the companies have different policies regarding the return of the bicycles. 

Ofo's policy states that bikes can literally be returned anywhere, provided that it does not obstruct pathways and remains visible.

For Mobike, Mobikers are encouraged to park at Mobike Preferred Locations (MPL).

In the event an MPL is unavailable, Mobikers can park at any public bicycle rack.

ML said: 

"It's so sad that this is happening.

"It is very disheartening to see how people are taking advantages of these shared bikes. "