Anonymous man walks into family diner, foots the bill for other customers and tips single mom waitress whopping $1,500

A stranger who lost his family went to a Utah Denny’s and had an odd request to the hostess; He wanted to be served by a single mother.

Although she found his request perplexing, she seated him at a table being serviced by a waitress, who was coincidentally, a single mum. 

The man sat at his table for the next two hours, watching families that periodically entered the restaurant. As he did so, he paid for their meals. 

Before he left, he also tipped his waitress a whopping $1,500, according to Distractify.

When asked by the hostess the reason behind his actions, the reticent man said:

“Family is everything, I’ve lost all mine.”

The hostess shared a post on Facebook to thank the man. 

So here’s something to restore your faith in humanity.