Angry note for 'idiot' who left wet clothing out to dry found at Serangoon lift lobby

Submitted by Stomper A

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Stomper A came across an amusing note left at the ground floor lift lobby of Block 146 Serangoon North at about 6pm on Saturday (July 7).

It was written on the note:

“To unit #399, please dry your clothes before hanging them out, and use your brain, idiot!”

However, someone else had also scribbled over the note, saying:

“From who? Level what? Monday complain MP lah!”

A told Stomp that she wholeheartedly agreed with the person who had scribbled over the note.

She said:

“The note is just annoying. Why paste this on the lift?

“It doesn’t even say which unit this is. There are 12 units of with #399 in their door numbers.”

A's mother told her that the residents who placed up the note live on the 2nd floor and have a habit of hanging their laundry out in the night.

Said A:

“I don’t know why they do it at night, but at least now we know there’s also another household doing the same.”

A also said that she noticed that the note was missing when she took the lift down on Sunday (July 8).