Anglers with hearts of gold donate 332kg worth of fish to charity

Submitted by Stomper Lum

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Stomper Lum wishes to highlight the efforts of a group of anglers who donated 332kg of fish they caught at a charity fishing event yesterday (June 4).

Lum said that the fish was donated to Willing Hearts, a charity soup kitchen run by volunteers.

According to the Stomper, the Charity Fishing Event took place at D Boat Premium Fishing at Pasir Ris Fishing Pond.

The kind anglers donated their catch, which was 332kg of fish.

Elaborates Lum:

"The man behind this is Albert, who has a heart of gold.

"He worked for months behind-the-scenes to make this happen, including carrying 18kg ice packs to keep the fish fresh, checking that 250 fish are put into pond, tying 100 tackles, sending the fish to Willing Hearts.

"A good example of how Singaporeans should be: Caring, diligent and humble."