Andy Lau's loving wife asked 148 monks to pray for his recovery

Thursday, Mar 16, 2017

Can Andy Lau and Carol Chu get any more romantic?

First, Lau tried to keep his injury a secret from his wife so she wouldn't worry when he was thrown off a horse while filming in Thailand.

Now, it's been revealed that Chu specially contacted a Buddhist temple in Taiwan to request blessings from 148 monks for her husband's speedy recovery.

She got in touch with Hualien County's Hsiang-Te Temple as soon as she got wind of the accident, Hong Kong's East Week magazine reported.

Lau, 55, suffered multiple pelvic fractures and was hospitalised for 53 days. He was discharged last Friday (March 10).

The Hong Kong star said on his official blog that he was well on his way to recovery.

"(The) vertebral fractures and injuries to my sciatic nerve, muscles and Achilles tendon are all recovering slowly. Everything is starting to clear up!" he wrote.

With such a loving wife standing by, we're sure he will get well in no time.