AMK residents clog up corridor with numerous items, smoke outside flat and taunt neighbours

Submitted by Stomper S

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Ever since moving in to Block 700C, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 about five years ago, Stomper S and her family have felt distressed by the actions of her next door neighbours.

S, who lives with her husband and daughter, told Stomp that the neighbouring unit consists of a couple and their five children. At times, S would see the couple's parents and their other family members too.

She said: "For the past few months, we have been bullied and mentally harassed by our neighbours next door.

"If we talk in our house, they will repeat the same words and laugh loudly. They call out something in Malay when we walk around the corridor. They also always laugh, and call out 'gorilla' at me and my husband and my daughter whenever she comes home from school.

"We have tried to ignore them many times but sometimes we also have our own personal problems to handle and we are losing patience.

"It’s difficult to go out or return to our own house! I mostly stay home, but my husband and daughter have to face them almost every day when they go to school or work."

S also described how a small boy from the neighbouring unit had pointed his middle fingers at her family on several occasions:

Videos that S said were recorded yesterday (May 20) show the toddler flashing the rude gesture from the corridor as well.

S added: "The father smokes outside their flat nearly every day and litters by throwing the cigarette butts down the block."

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(Video taken on Oct 7, 2017)

S said: "They leave items like a bird cage, a pram, buckets, clothes, shoes, a shoe cabinet, tables, chairs, pots, and one small metal tin for cigarette butts in the corridor like it's their walk-in wardrobe.

"Every day, there is a new addition there.

"They would also leave dirty diapers near the door and only throw them away in the evening."

Asked if anything could have sparked her neighbours' behaviour towards her family, S told Stomp: "It believe it started when we just moved in and were doing renovation works, so there was noise and drilling.

"This guy with a baby came to us and shouted that we couldn't do this because he had a small baby. He was very rude and unhappy, and kept asking if we were expats or locals.

"The acts seen in the videos have been happening since we bought our house five years ago and we have been ignoring them. However, we are sharing this now because we are worried about the safety of our 13-year-old daughter."

Stomp has contacted Ang Mo Kio Town Council for more info.

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