American men kidnap and beat 17-year-old girl to death with baseball bats

A 17-year-old American girl, Nabra was kidnapped and brutally beaten to death by two men with baseball bats in Sterling, Virginia, USA.

She was reported missing on Monday (Jun 19) at around 4am, and police believe that they have uncovered her body from a lake, reports The Coverage.

Gabra and her friends were reportedly heading out with her friends at 3.30am, but were assaulted by the two men who emerged from a car.

The  girls fled for their lives, but later discovered that Nabra was missing when they regrouped. 

Police officers found a female body whom they believe to be Nabra at around 3pm. 

A police spokesperson said: "Our detectives are fairly certain that it is her. But the Chief Medical Examiner still needs to conduct an autopsy to confirm the identity."

A baseball bat was also found near the body and a 22-year-old man, Darwin Martinez Torres, has been arrested.

The police are currently looking for a second suspect.

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