Ambulance driver flashes middle finger at Stomper in Jurong East

Submitted by Stomper Yeo

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Apparently upset about having to slow down, an ambulance driver flashed his middle finger and made a hand gesture at a fellow motorist.

The incident occurred along Jurong East Street 11 on January 26, at around 7.38am.

Stomper Yeo, who had been travelling in front of the ambulance, shared dashcam footage of the incident.

Yeo recounted: "I had to filter out from International Business Park with safe distancing from oncoming vehicles.

"This driver of Grace Ambulance was driving fast and furious. He was apparently unhappy that he needed to slow down and showed me the middle finger。

"The ambulance did not have its siren on. If there was a siren, I would understand that it was an emergency."