Amazing! Bystanders rally to help lift taxi that got stuck on road divider at CCK Ave 5

Submitted by Stomper Willem

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Stomper Willem witnessed a heartwarming site when he saw bystanders come to the aid of a cabby who had gotten stuck on a road divider at Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5 at 10.

According to Willem, the cabby might have mad an illegal U-turn at the spot but had accidentally gotten stuck on the road divider instead.

He was heartened to see several bystanders rush to help the taxi driver.

"Five guys came at first but soon seven to eight of them came to help," said Willem.

"They got a wooden plank to lift the taxi off the road divider.

"The taxi was blocking traffic and a public bus had to wait for it to move but the guys managed to get the taxi free within 10 to 15 minutes and the cabby drove away after that."

"It was very nice to see all these people come to help.

"Teamwork made it possible to lift the taxi off. Kudos team!"