Alleged gang fight caught on video at Boon Keng

A netizen recently uploaded a video of an alleged gang fight to the All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page.

According to the contributor, the incident happened about two to three weeks ago, near Boon Keng MRT Station. 

In the video, a large group of people could be seen approaching a smaller group, some of them wielding poles and elongated objects.

An altercation occurred between the two, with a member of the smaller group stepping forth and raising an elongated object, seemingly to taunt the larger group.

Suddenly the larger group started rushing at the members of the smaller group, and the scene plunged into chaos.

Members of the smaller group started running away, even as the other group chased after them. 
The video has earned the ire of many netizens. 

One Facebook user commented:

"So much energy why don't these guys work overtime (OT) better earn money for their family!"