Aircon company tells man to 'mind your business' after he comments on their FB post

Submitted by Stomper Kenny

An air-conditioner servicing company turned aggressive, asking a netizen to “mind his own business” after he posted a comment on its Facebook page on Saturday (June 30). 

Stomper Kenny recently came across an advertisement for an air-conditioner servicing company while browsing through Facebook. 

At the time, the company was having a promotional for Chinese New Year, although it was already June. 

Kenny then commented: "The Chinese New Year is way past, like months ago…"

He subsequently received private Facebook messages from the company. 

In its messages, the company said: "Does this affect you?"

"Good if you can mind your own business, sir. Most probably, you have no life on a Saturday?"

Kenny responded by commenting how rude the comment was, but the company replied: "So as you are."

Kenny proceeded to explain that he was merely stating a fact that Chinese New Year was months ago, and the outburst was unnecessary. 

However, the company replied: "You think we do not know that fact? It doesn’t concern you and commenting on that main page was ridiculous."

"The post cannot be edited and therefore it was left that way."

The company also said that Kenny could have dropped them a private message instead of posting his comment on the main page.

Furthermore, it accused him of being sarcastic.

Said Kenny: "If stating the fact was sarcastic to you, that is how you take it. 

"If you can’t take criticism don’t run a business."

The company replied, asking Kenny to "get a life".

Kenny quipped: "They said I don't have a life. But they themselves were there scolding me via private messages, what life have they got?"