AirAsia plane forced back to Perth after 'shaking like washing machine'

An AirAsia flight was forced to return to Perth, Australia yesterday (June 25), after a technical problem left the plane shuddering and shaking like a 'washing machine'.

The Kuala Lumpur-bound flight experienced issues around 90 minutes into the journey, with the Airbus 330 landing safely at Perth Airport about three hours after departure.

An airport spokesperson told AFP, "The pilot identified technical issues, turned around and returned."

Emergency crews were put on standby but not needed.

According to The Telegraph, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said it had received reports of an engine shutting down mid-flight and was investigating the incident.

Passengers have been recounting the frightening ordeal, which reportedly began with a bang from the left engine.

Brenton Atkinson, 24, told ABC News that the whole plane started shaking and compared his experience to "sitting on top of a washing machine".

"The engine seized up I think, that's what they told us anyway. It was literally like you were sitting on top of a washing machine. The whole thing was going. We could see the engine out the window which was really shaken on the wing.

"Once we landed we realised one of the blades had actually come off the turbine."

Instagram user @maesaya also posted a video that shows the aircraft vibrating violently and wrote, "I thought I might die".