'Ah Long' transfers $600 to woman and asks for $800 back -- but what happens next is like a TV drama

When someone, supposedly a loan shark, transferred $600 to a stranger, he probably was not expecting the chain of events that he set off.

The stranger, Facebook user Kym Tan, shared what happened after she discovered the money in her bank account -- and it is more dramatic than your favourite television show.

It all started when Kym realised that an "idiot out of nowhere transferred $600 into my account". She also received a screenshot of the transaction and a messaged that said: "Thank you for supporting us".

The person claimed that Kym had borrowed the money from him, declined when she wanted to transfer the sum back to him and instead, requested that she "pay back $800 in five days".

Soon after, a second party contacted Kym. He claimed that he was a boss and that his worker had misused company funds by "anyhow crediting" the $600.

Things took an even stranger turn after Kym created a group chat with both men, whom she named "stupidA" and "stupidB":

  • stupidB said Kym could just "transfer back the money and close case".

  • stupidA said the money was his and asked who was impersonating him. He also wrote: "Come out and talk".

  • Kym said: "You ownself transfer, your problem".

  • stupidA said: "Since you don't want to return [the money], no need to talk further. You'd better call the police to protect you at home [for] 24 hours. Remember that I will come anytime. We are loan sharks, not a scam syndicate. You want to try, just come."

  • stupidA added: "You do things at home right? Remember not to get burnt to death."

  • stupidA denied cheating money and said he has a receipt

  •  By this point, the incident had been reported by Lianhe Wanbao

  • Kym asked stupidA if he had read the papers and advised him to change his number

  • stupidA changed his tune and wrote: "Sister, how can I get you to return the money? I have already gotten scolded by my boss. Sorry, please please return me the money, my boss wants to send me back home."

  • Kym asked: "Didn't you want to burn me? Don't want to burn already?"

  • stupidA replied: "Sorry, please forgive me this time. I am still small and ignorant. I think I am really not suited for this job. I am new and my boss is giving me pressure. Okay, sister?"

  • He added: "everyone makes mistakes. Furthermore, I was forced. I have only been working for a week and my monthly salary is only $1,800. If you don't return the money, my boss will make me cough it back up. Sorry, I know I am wrong."

In her last update (for now) on Dec 27, Kym shared how someone identifying himself as "Alex" said that "Jacky" had already been fired and forked out the $600 from his own pocket.

"That Jacky told me to ask you if you can return him the $600," wrote Alex, adding that he would give Kym the account number to transfer the money if she was willing to return it.

We have a feeling this is not the end of it.

Read the full conversation in the gallery above.