How aggressive dog became a part of SOSD welfare group's family -- until his last breath

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People often label a dog that bites as 'aggressive' but Dr Siew Tuck Wah begs to differ.

In Dr Siew's eyes, most 'aggressive' dogs are simply misunderstood, such as in the case of 'Xiao Bai'.

According to Dr Siew, who is the president of Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), an animal welfare group dedicated to helping out strays, Xiao Bai was one of the 26 dogs which they inherited when SOSD took over an abandoned shelter in 2013.

Xiao Bai was averse to human interaction and bit several volunteers who went near him.

He had to be kept in an enclosure at all times. 

Together with three other dogs, the four were known to the volunteers as the 'Four Heavenly Kings'. 

However, the volunteers did not give up on Xiao Bai, and continued approaching him despite his outward hostility.

Their efforts paid off as his condition slowly improved.

One of the volunteers, Nipu, would spend time with Xiao Bai until he was finally able to touch and even bathe Xiao Bai after three months. 

Eventually, Xiao Bai became a part of the SOSD family.

In Dr Siew's words, Xiao Bai grew up, and old together with SOSD, finally dying in 2017. 

He said:

"It was only after interacting with him, that we understood Xiao Bai's true nature.

"Like every dog, he yearned affection and had so much love to give in return.

"We will miss him dearly."

Watch Xiao Bai’s journey with SOSD in the video below.