After queuing and waiting, man in bank utters Hokkien bad word when told to call to cancel cheque

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A man was so angered by what a bank employee told him that he uttered a bad word in Hokkien before leaving.

A Stomper shared a video of the incident that she said took place at the POSB Bukit Batok Central Branch on June 1.

"This uncle queued up to cancel a cheque on behalf of a member of his family who is in the hospital," said the Stomper.

"That was what I heard as I was so close to the counter. Thus the conversation was clear.

"After he waited for the customer service officer to process the cancellation, she came back and was apologetic when she informed him that he could not cancel the cheque in the branch and he was advised to call in instead.

"He got agitated, started shouting and asked for the manager.

"The customer service officer was apologetic again and tried to explain nicely to him. However, he started to scold vulgarities."

In the video, the man, who was seated at a counter with the customer service officer, can be heard uttering the Hokkien term for vagina.

He then complained in Mandarin that the bank could not help him even though he was there and he had to make a phone call instead.

He told the woman to inform the manager as he stood up and walked off.

Stomp has contacted POSB for more info.