Adults should be accountable if unsupervised child falls while playing on bus, says passenger

Submitted by Stomper Gosh

Stomper Gosh was appalled to see an unsupervised young boy standing on a seat while he was riding on Bus Service 358 which was going towards Downtown East yesterday (Jun 13) at around 8.15am. 

According to Gosh, the young boy was accompanied by two adults and two young girls.

Of the two adults, one seemed to be a domestic aid and was preoccupied looking after the two girls, and the other adult, seemingly the kid’s grandfather, sat by himself during the whole journey.

The family alighted at Downtown East after.

Said Gosh:

“How can the adults be so irresponsible?

“What if the bus captain stepped on the brakes and the kid falls?

“People are always so quick to blame the bus captains for such accidents, but adults should be more accountable.

“Letting a child run loose without supervision is just plain irresponsible.”

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