Actress Xenia Tan's dad started saving money in piggy bank before she was born, she smashes it

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Feb 1, 2023

If you’re wondering where all the loose change in Singapore has gone, the answer might have been revealed in a TikTok clip posted by local actress Xenia Tan. 

On Monday (Jan 30), the 28-year-old decided to smash open her piggy bank to see how much had been saved up over the years. 

She revealed in the clip that her father had begun saving money in the rather large golden piggy bank since before she was born. 

Tan enlisted her family’s help in counting the sea of golden coins that flowed out and estimated the total to be about $7,000.

“We decided to open it now because we were scared the coins might be discoloured or tarnished as it has been saved for a long time,” she told MSNews.

As she nervously prepared for the strike, her father pointed to the pig’s rear, telling her where the sweet spot to hit was.

Tan then broke open the piggy bank with a swift strike of the hammer, revealing a heap of coins inside.

Her family and relatives then gathered around the pile of coins, and neatly sorted the count. 

The sum fell short of the $16,000 Tan’s father had estimated beforehand, but we’re sure Tan and her family can think of a ton of ways to enjoy the loot. 

@hotcheekylace Guess how much is in this piggy bank? #CNY2023 ♬ 我的妈呀 - 3P

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