Actress and DJ Apple Hong announces she "accidentally got married" to Singaporean businessman

Actress and JiaFM88.3 DJ Apple Hong revealed that she got married to her long-time boyfriend on Oct 10.

According to The Straits Times, she said in an interview: "I accidentally got married, I am already a wife."

She said that she got married in a "very simple" ceremony where she and her husband invited just two witnesses and a priest to their home and signed their names.

The 39-year-old Malaysian described her husband as a low-profile Singaporean businessman.

They held their banquet in Kuala Lumpur on Sep 30, the same day as Tracy Lee's lavish star-studded wedding to businessman Ben Goi.

When Lee had invited her to attend her wedding she said: "Aiya, so sorry ah, I'm also getting married that day."