Actor Daren Tan seen filming at Hougang hawker centre

Submitted by Stomper Anson

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Stomper Anson spotted actor Daren Tan at a Ci Yuan Hawker Centre in Hougang on Tuesday afternoon (Apr 16).

In a video shared by Anson, the former Project Superstar winner is seen filming a scene with a camera crew.

He's wearing a dark blue polo T-shirt and a striped apron.

At one point he interacts with another older man after entering the stall.

It is unclear what show he is filming for.

"I was at the hawker centre from 3pm but I believe they were there from much earlier," Anson said.

Daren Tan notably starred in local television drama series Mata Mata before he married his wife, Malaysian doctor Nadia Lum.

He became a father to a baby girl in December last year.