Activists in China rescue 1,300 canines that were to be slaughtered for dog meat

Activists in Guangdong, China, intercepted a truck with 1,300 dogs on Jun 19 that was headed for a slaughterhouse ahead of the controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

According to Shanghaiist, the truck was first spotted by two activists on a highway. The duo called for backup after the vehicle stopped at a petrol kiosk.

Upon arrival, the activists then confronted the driver and asked to see the health and transportation certificates for the canines.

The latter failed to produce any documents, and authorities were called in.

The dogs were eventually releasedĀ at an animal shelter in Guangzhou.

Many of the animals were in bad shape. Other than having to live in cramped conditions, some of the canines were delirious from hunger and thirst.

Around 20 dogs diedĀ before they could be rescued.

Many more would have been slaughtered for the Yulin dog meat festival if the truck was not seen by activists.

The annual festival sees dog-eaters flocking to Guangxi to dine on an estimated 10,000 dogs that will be killed for food.