ActiveSG swimming pool user upset by sign that says no more lockers from March 1, but actually...

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The sign said no more lockers.

To be more exact, it said: "From March 1, locker operations at ActiveSG swimming pools, gyms, stadiums and sport halls will cease due to low demand. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Stomper Thomas was so upset when he saw the sign that he said: "Are we getting too driven by profit in whatever we do in Singapore?

"The latest move of removing lockers permanently from the public pools by ActiveSG due to low demand seems to imply that. Low demand is not no demand! The move is probably motivated by the high-maintenance cost over usage earnings.

"However, organisations must ask themselves whether the service provided to the general public is for profit-making or a public-serving one.

"With the latest move, it seems that single pool users will need to be more wary of theft and their property being stolen when using the pool alone.

"A better suggestion is to reduce the numbers of lockers instead of removing it in total. The act of removing the lockers totally seems to be sending the wrong signal to the general public where active healthy living is encouraged.

"I for sure will avoid going now as it just doesn't make sense to risk losing my iPhone or property while getting some exercise. Indeed, it's what we call one step forward, two steps behind."

But it appears the "Cessation of locker provision" notice did not tell the whole story.

In response to a Stomp query, a Sport Singapore spokesman said: "Since March 1, ActiveSG has replaced the traditional coin-operated lockers with new touch-screen smart lockers at all our swimming complexes.

"This is part of ActiveSG’s regular review to continually improve and deliver service excellence to our patrons, as well as to support our Smart Nation initiative.

"With the new touch-screen smart lockers, patrons can enjoy a cashless experience, have the option to retrieve and/or store belongings in between their swim routine without incurring additional cost, and no longer need to hold onto a physical key while they exercise."

When Stomp visited the Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex on Saturday (March 25), the new lockers were next to a row of vending machines.

To use the new lockers, you can select the locker option on the touch screen on the vending machine next to the lockers.

The rates are 60 cents for single use of two hours and $1 for multiple uses over five hours. Payment can be made using PayNow or ActiveWallet.

An ActiveSG staff member said the old coin-operated lockers at the Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex could still be used.

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