Fishing enthusiasts donate 475kg of fish to the needy on Christmas

Submitted by Stomper Lum

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A group of fishing enthusiasts came together this Christmas Day (Dec 25) for a charity fishing event at Pasir Ris Town Park, where they caught 469kg of fish that are later distributed to needy families. 

Stomper Lum, a member of the group of fishing enthusiasts, Active Anglers Charity Fishing, also participated in the event which happened between 11.30am to 4pm. 

According to Lum, about 515 pieces of fish were caught at three of the fishing ponds operated by D'best Fishing

Said Lum:

“We started off as a small group of anglers coming together to have fun.

“Since then, Active Anglers members have grown in numbers, because of a cause in which all members strongly believe in --- to provide for those who are less fortunate. “

After hauling in the fish, members delivered their catch to a kitchen in Eunos at around 5pm.

There, workers from Willing Hearts — a secular, non-affiliated charity, run entirely by volunteers, apart from a handful of staff — processed the fish to be cooked and distributed to needy families the following day. 

This was not the first time that Active Anglers has done something for the less fortunate.

Even before the event, members have pooled together a sum of money which they used to purchase 1000kg chicken that they donated to the needy. 

Mr Albert Lim, the main organiser, and an avid member of Active Anglers said that he was thrilled by the contribution of the members.

However, he also acknowledged that the efforts of the group are limited and hopes that more people will be able to contribute to charity either by donations or volunteering their services at organisations. 

Lum reiterated Mr Lim’s point. adding:

“It doesn’t have to be fishing.

“Another other interest groups can do the same.

“There’s nothing better than enjoying yourself and also getting to help the less fortunate at the same time.”