Action to be taken against trio who threw joss paper into canal as offerings to deceased person: NEA

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Enforcement action will be taken against three individuals who were caught on camera throwing joss paper into a canal along East Coast Service Road, said the National Environment Agency (NEA).

Facebook page posted a video of the incident that occurred on August 22, in which three men are seen emptying boxes of joss paper into the canal.

NEA said it was first alerted to the incident on August 22.

It told Stomp in a statement on Friday (Sep 3): "We have completed our investigations into the incident.

"Based on our investigations, the three individuals were making offerings during the Hungry Ghost month, and to a deceased person.

"As the throwing of the joss paper into the canal constitutes an offence under section 17(2) of the Environmental Public Health Act (EPHA), we will be taking appropriate enforcement action against the three individuals, who are first-time offenders.

"Under the Environmental Public Health Act, first-time offenders for such offences are liable on conviction to a maximum court fine of $2,000."

NEA also reminded members of the public who burn joss paper for religious purposes to use the burners and containers provided by the town councils.

Food offerings or litter should not be left behind.

The agency added: "We should also be considerate when observing religious practices as it’s our shared responsibility to keep public spaces and our waterways clean."