Accident involving lorry causes 30-minute traffic jam along PIE

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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A traffic accident along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) on Tuesday (July 2) resulted in a jam that affected Stomper Lim.

Lim told Stomp that he was driving past the area and saw a towing car and a lorry beside a tree.

He said: "At about 1.15pm, there was already a traffic jam at the Jalan Bahar exit.

"I was caught in the jam for about 30 minutes and couldn't move at all." 

A video Lim shared with Stomp shows a line of vehicles not moving due to the road being blocked by a green towing car and a lorry.

The line of vehicles was diverted to an adjacent road.

In response to Stomp queries, the police said in a statement: "On July 2 at about 12pm, the police were alerted to an accident involving a lorry at the slip road from PIE (towards Tuas) into Jalan Bahar. 

"Police investigations are ongoing." 

Stomp understands that there were no casualties from the accident.