Dog dies after lorry crashes into it in Woodlands

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A dog died after a lorry crashed into it along Woodlands Avenue 9 on Thursday morning (Dec 12).

A Stomper was travelling along Woodlands Avenue 9 when he noticed the aftermath of the accident.

He contributed a video of what he saw and said: "I was driving to work and was travelling on a road along Republic Polytechnic.

"I saw a police car there and a lorry stopping in front."

Responding to a Stomp query, the police said: "At 7.52am on Dec 12, the police were alerted to an accident involving a lorry and a dog along Woodlands Avenue 9 towards Woodlands Avenue 10.

"Police investigations are ongoing."

Stomp understands that the dog had dashed across the road and the lorry driver couldn't stop in time, thus resulting in the dog's death.